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Furniture facades:
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Functionality and long life of the furniture depends firstly upon the materials it had been produced from. Furniture components have to play not only aesthetic but also operational function. “Soyuz” Industrial group company is one of the leading enterprises in St. Petersburg and Russia for production of components and accessories for further high standard production of case and kitchen furniture. In our catalogues you can find several hundreds of the goods of different types, among of them are following components for kitchen furniture in St. Petersburg

  • - facades
  • - kitchen-tops
  • - decorative panels
  • - laminate-coated MDF
  • - MDF - based moldings faced by PVC etc

Wholesale and retail of the furniture components

You can purchase furniture components wholesale, it will allow you to produce modern types of the wardrobes with sliding doors, commodes, chest of drawers, beds, wardrobes etc. Furniture components manufacturing is fulfilled on the modern equipment of western production, it ensures high quality of its treatment. All production is carefully controlled for the absence of defects before dispatch to the customer.

Having purchasing furniture components wholesale, you're getting the production of the quality corresponding to high quality standards under affordable prices. Besides of that, for our constant customer we offer special conditions.
Components for furniture production you can buy in our company will let you to produce beautiful, functional and comfortable furniture, corresponding to following requirements:

  • - high temperature and moisture resistance;
  • - health safety;
  • - upkeeping easiness;
  • - attractive appearance

Besides of the quality control we fulfill regular marketing research, tracing novelties appearance,constantly expand our choice of goods, manufacturing new furniture components

Advantages of the cooperation with holding

  • - wide network of representative offices
  • - convenient logistics
  • - affordable prices
  • - wide choice of goods
  • - quality warranty

If you search for the furniture components retail or wholesale in St. Petersburg or other cities, you can purchase all production required as well as fittings (roller guides, door handles, loops systems, locks) in one of our Trade houses in St. Petersburg, Moscow or Samara. Besides of that, furniture components and building and finishing materials of our production are widely represented by our partners all over Russia and abroad. If you want to order furniture components wholesale, consultants of our commercial department reply to all of your questions concerning characteristics of one good or another and help you in choice of the goods. We deliver the goods to all parts of Russia. To get to know about materials represented in the catalogues you can calling under the following phone Nr. +7 812 324 6699.