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Articles and reviews
To the kitchen-tops special requirements are presented, in particular they have to have increased water-resistant, heat resistance, resistance to the chemicals impact, to the appearance of spots, mold and accumulation of bacteria
Non-stable economical situation makes the manufacturers of furniture and furniture components to decrease the costs, and “SoyuzBaltComplect” vice versa increases turnover. New production lines are launching, new working-outs are regularly appear, being a worthy replacement for the imported production.
We asked to tell about the market situation from the holding's point of view, Vladislav Likhanov, chief of MFC Alleanza department of “Soyuz” Industrial group.
All modern finishing materials have to correspond to a big number of requirements: quality, easiness of assembling, practical usage, outer attractiveness. If to add to all above-mentioned fire safety requirements, it's much more complicate to find your “own” material. “Soyuz” Industrial group produces GYPLAST and NOPHLAMAT fire-resistant boards for years.
«Soyuz” Industrial group has started output of the new models of ALLEANZA lacquer frame facades. Three novelties, decorated by thin patina are oriented to the most exacting customers. Wider range of MFC Alleanza lets to the furniture manufacturers to create needed collection both in contemporary and classical style.