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Furniture profile 

For beds For tables

Successfully implementing the concept of import substitution, we offer strong support to the furniture industry market players. We produce furniture profile of 10 types and more than 2,000 configurations in a wide range of decors and facing coatings.

All the coating options ensure resistance to mechanical damage, moisture, temperature fluctuations and sunlight, thus guaranteeing a long service life without prejudice to appearance. All types of different lining have outstanding performance characteristics.

Types of facing materials:
  • PVC film,
  • priming film,
  • veneer with finishing,
  • wood veneer, 
  • “Patina” film, 
  • finishing film.

Collections of decorative coatings are divided into 3 groups:
  1. wooden,
  2. monochrome,
  3. priming film for painting or varnishing.

Types of furniture profiles
  • frame profiles,
  • insert profiles for frame facades,
  • profiles for drawers,
  • ledges,
  • plinth flashing,
  • for tables and beds,
  • pilasters (feigned columns),
  • overlays,
  • edges for sliding door wardrobes.
Especially demanded is the production of frame profiles.

Constant expansion of product lines allows us not only to maintain, but also to constantly expand the product grid and thus to cover a wide variety of price segments of the market.

Our products are distinguished by optimal combination of price and quality. Consistently high levels of production of the furniture profile and affordable prices are provided through the advanced approach to the production:
  • production on the most modern equipment,
  • use of our own raw material base: MDF board is manufactured at the holding’s own plants,
  • engagement of the most highly qualified personnel.

Our partners have the opportunity to order a new development: inserting MDF panels. Furniture facade profile and panels are available in the same decors without difference in shade and color, and this allows to implement a wide variety of designs solutions, as well as helps to save customers’ money and time resources.

Due to the widest range of types and configurations, even the most demanding customer will find the desired model in our collections of furniture profile. Moreover, you can always make an order for a custom product. 

Today IG “Soyuz” is one of the leading manufacturers of furniture components in Russia and abroad. European level of quality at affordable price are the foundation of the company's success.

Where to buy a furniture profile?
Regardless of the location, you can always purchase our products. Our furniture profiles are available for order in the trading houses in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Samara, Tallinn, as well as in numerous regional representatives all over Russia and abroad.

To buy wholesale furniture profile directly from the manufacturer and to get any additional information, please call (812) 324-66-99.