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Furniture components

Production of the furniture components by the order

“Soyuz” Industrial group continues to produce successfully furniture components by the order, such as furniture pieces on the base of kitchen-tops and furniture facades.

Furniture components production is fulfilled in accordance with constructively set forms and sizes and further edging of the treated surfaces. Main operations used by the manufacturing of furniture components of the hardboard are fulfillment internal or external radius, corner slant, conjunction of two elements by means of “euro cut technology”, cutting of the mounting hole for a sink and built-in equipment.

Made by individual order, the most contemporary professional equipment is used in production of “Soyuz” Industrial group, and all necessary for manufacturing of the single elements of the kitchen furniture, such as milling, boring, application and finishing operations are executed on it;

  • Typical furniture projects can be exclusive ones, even equal by project solutions and applied materials they are perceived in quite a different way in dependance on functional elements peculiarities.

  • Using of ready furniture details helps to optimize a process of production and to save maximum quality of the produced furniture

Today you can purchase furniture components on the base of hardboard and elements of the case furniture by the order under reasonable wholesale prices. For more detailed information please contact us under the phone Nr. or e-mail.  

Types of machining the Worktops

Machining the end or additional edge of the Worktop. ABS edge of laminate of the same color, technical edge   Jointing of Worktops – “European saw-cut”.  2 furniture fixtures and 2 lamellas in each place where the surfaces match


A 900х900 1050х1050 angle element  A 1050х1050 bevel  for the front edge

External rounding (up to one quadrant) for the front edge)        Internal rounding (up to one quadrant) for the front edge 

Cutout for a sink/cooking unit machined to the half of the Worktop thickness without edge machining  Cutouts for a socket 

Prefabricated furniture components – forms of Worktops 


Side plates: 38 mm thick,

plastic on both sides; side front edge

- of the same color, ABS edge; top,

back and bottom edges - technical edge.

Up to 600 mm wide

Worktop with rounding to a semi-circle:

thickness 38 mm, 

standard length 1200 mm, 

width up to 600 mm, 


Worktop with a round table: 

thickness 38 mm, 

standard length 1300 mm, 

width 300 mm, 450 mm, 

600 mm

Round Worktop, 

thickness 38 mm,

diameter up to 580 mm


Rectangular Worktop with 

rounded angles, 

thickness 38 mm

590 х 670 mm 

590 х 800 mm 
590 х 870 mm 
590 х 1150 mm
675 х 800 mm 
675 х 1000 mm 
675 х 1200 mm 
900 х 1000 mm 
900 х 1200 mm
900 х 1500 mm 

Rectangular Worktop, 

thickness  38mm 

590 х 800 mm 

590 х 1000 mm
590 х 1200 mm 
900 х 1000 mm 
900 х 1200 mm