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Fire resistant wall panels

Production of fire-resistant finishing materials

Fire safety is one of the most important criteria by choosing of finishing materials for internal decoration. “Soyuz” Industrial group is a leader in the production of fire-resistant finishing materials for more than 10 years.

Application sphere:
  • public catering enterprises
  • public and production enterprises
  • medical institutions
  • Ministry of culture and Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, in particular schools and preschools institutions

  • fire resistance (combustibility group G1, fire danger class KM1)
  • resistance to detergents and cleaning products
  • moisture influence resistance
  • heat resistance
  • high values of wear resistance in particular abrasion and other mechanical influence resistance
  • resistance to UV rays and fading
  • easy and fast disassembling of the single panels for repairing, setting of the communications etc
  • increased heat- and sound isolation characteristics
  • clean and dry finishing

Besides of the outstanding operational characteristics all product range differs by a wide choice of decors, allowing to choose panels almost to any kind of interior.

Besides walls finishing fire-resistant decorative wall panels are excellent suitable for:
  • arranging of the suspended ceilings
  • arranging of partition walls
  • protection of different building constructions
  • designing of slopes

A choice of fire-resistant wall panels:
  • Gyplast on the base of water-resistant gypsum and fiber sheets decorative laminate- coated
  • Noflamat on the base of water-resistant gypsum and fiber sheets polymer foil- coated

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