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MDF wall panels

Today, wall panels made of MDF are an extremely popular decorative material, they are perfect for finishing of kitchens, corridors, hallways, country houses, loggias and balconies. With decorative wall panels you can easily and quickly transform your interior, without resorting to complex, dusty, expensive and time-consuming repair actions.

  • easy installation;
  • you can mask and hide the utility connections;
  • no need for preliminary preparation and leveling of walls, moreover, does not require special repair skills;
  • no need for special care (it’s enough to use household detergents or special furniture cleaners).

  • a wide range of wall panel decors with unique wood imitation, which allows to combine different textures and colors to create unique interiors;
  • availability of related products (fillets, folding corners, end bars), allowing to implement a variety of design solutions;
  • you can mount the panels in various ways: vertically, horizontally or inclined.

профили для кроватей профили для кроватей

  • durability and resistance of the finished construction to mechanical damage;
  • environmentally friendly materials: as a base we use high quality MDF of our own production, facing material is the decorative coating on a paper base from European manufacturers.
  • affordable price achieved through the use of our own raw material base;
  • a wide price range - from economy to premium class;
  • ensuring a good level of sound insulation and sound absorption, which can be particularly useful in an apartment house;
  • no defects, inherent to natural wood, such as knots and cracks.

Universal applicability allows you to use wall panels not only for the walls of window openings, creation of arches and even remodeling of the interior, such as facing of office partitions.

Wall panels on the basis of MDF are manufactured on German equipment of the leading companies WEINIG, DUSPOHL, FISHER, FRIZ, PAUL, HOLZMA. As facing materials we use finish films by the leading manufacturers such as: Dai Nippon, Decor Druck Leipzig, Likora, VTO- De cor, Prisma, Baush Linnenann.

You can buy wall panels (wholesale and retail) directly from the manufacturer – IG "Soyuz", in trading houses of the holding or in retail outlets of our partners throughout Russia and abroad. For any questions, you can consult our experts by calling +7 (812) 324 66 99.