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Raised floors
In modern office and administrative premises quick access to the underground space is often required, mostly during the repair or laying of wires, cables, pipes or hoses. The best way to solve this problem is false (raised) floors. Raised floor plates fit perfectly in any room with a lot of communication and cable junctions.

Raised floor is a framework steel construction mounted on screw supports with control range +/- 25mm. Boards of durable flooring material are laid and inserted into the framework.

The Industrial Group "Soyuz" is the only Russian manufacturer using chipboard of its own production as the raw material base.

Main advantages this construction:
  • easy assembly and repair;
  • possibility of partial dismantling of the floors in case when access to the underground communications is needed;
  • affordable price;
  • increased available space due to the compact arrangement of wires;
  • providing additional ventilation in a space between the base floor and the upper covers;
  • • possibility to install heavy equipment due to the fact that panels are capable of withstanding huge weights.

Floor panel decor will depend on the material selected by you.
Our consultants will provide you with all necessary assistance while purchasing the raised floors and the required accessories.